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Tooling & Dies

We have clients in all areas of sheet metal parts. In the construction sector, we serve plumbing companies ( FV, Hidromet, GriGal ), drains and pipes ( Awaduct ), manufacturers of logistics racks ( Macer, La Fortezza, Mekano ), suppliers of supplies for dry construction ( Yesos Knäuf ), manufacturers of cable trays ( Elecé, Stucchi Trays ), locks ( Blincer, Kallay, Sekur, Acytra ) and elements for electrical installations. The packaging industry and packaging for the food industry and laboratories ( Auting, Bisignano, Tema ). Manufacturers of electric motors ( SAM, 3T ). The clothing industry ( Mauro Sergio, Terlizzi, Mil 8 ), the bookstore ( MIT ), medical instruments, etc.

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